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, Figure 1. Geological sketch map of the sampled area. 1: Variscan basement; 2: Cenozoic 760 grabens and sedimentary basins; 3: Cenozoic and Quaternary volcanism

, TiO2 diagram (weight %) displaying the chemical composition of the 764 clinopyroxenes from the samples. b: FeOt vs. SiO2 diagram (weight %) displaying the 765 chemical composition of the orthopyroxenes from the samples. In both diagrams, the light and 766 dark gray arrays represent typical compositions of these minerals in granulite, p.767

, 1973) and mantle xenoliths (Chazot, unpublished data) from the Massif Central, respectively

, Scanning Electron Microscope and binocular microscope images of the zircon 770 crystals; A: subhedral zircons megacrysts from ESP-2 sample stream; B: fine oscillatory 771 zoning parallel to the zircon faces (ESP-2)

, D: sector-zoned and euhedralzircon crystal from the lava flow (ESP-1) partly 773 outlined by a fine alteration rim; E and F: sector zoned and rounded Pliocene zircons from the 774 lava flow, p.1

, G: oscillatory zoned and rounded Permian zircon from the lava flow (ESP-775 1), partly outlined by a fine alteration rim; H

, Figure 4. Tera and Wasserburg (1972) 238 U/ 206 Pb vs. 207 Pb/ 206 Pb diagrams of the dated 779 samples A: alluvium deposit from Les Brus stream (ESP-2), mugearite lava flow, p.780

, Pliocene zircons and C: Permian zircons