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C. Author-contributions, I. Basile, L. Girault, A. Loncke, and E. Heuret, that collected the rock samples. C. Basile was the chief scientist for the cruise. I. Giraud analyzed the samples on thin section (Fig. 3) and on SEM, and localized the zircons. J.L. Paquette performed the U/Pb isotopic analysis and dated the zircons, and wrote the associated part together with Fig. 6. A. Agranier performed and interpreted the geochemical analysis (figs. 4 and 5), wrote the associated part of the manuscript and Supplementary Materials. C. Basile performed the kinematic reconstructions, wrote the first draft and drew the first draft of Figs, Poetisi were the scientific team onboard the Research Vessel Pourquoi Pas? during DRADEM cruise, 2016.