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, Batch 1 was used for experiments at room temperature, batch 2 at 150 ?C, and batch 3 755 at -76 ?C. Note that the synthetic compositions do not necessarily correspond to

, Italy). a) Kinetics of adsorption at room temperature for an initial 783 pressure of p 0 = 138 mbar. The decrease in pressure can be described by a rate 784 constant of ? = 1.28 . 10 -5 s -1 ; b) Adsorption and desorption isotherms at room 785 temperature. Error bars are one standard deviation, vol.782

, The data are compared with the 791 maximum surface concentrations according to the experimental data for HCl 792 adsorption on dacite glass (vertical lines), assuming two different specific surface 793 areas (1 m 2 /g for fine ash, 0.1 m 2 /g for coarser ash) and adsorption at three different 794 temperatures (150 ?C, 21 ?C, -76 ?C). Note that some samples may contain a 795 contribution of Cl, Concentrations of chlorine adsorbed on volcanic ashes from recent eruptions 790 (see supplementary Table S2 for data and sources), p.796

, marine aerosols or pre-eruptive interaction with saline groundwaters, altered dome 797 rocks or recycled volcanic ejecta