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, Nd isotopic ratios for Mariana arc samples, 1252 sediments from ODP 801 and 802, Mariana Trough Basalts and Pacific MORB. The number 1253 of the analytical session is given. Some samples have been measured two or three times 1254 during the same analytical session

, In these cases, the weighted mean value of both run (or all) is considered. (BS) is for 1256 biosiliceous sediments and (Volc) for volcaniclastic turbidites

. Bellot, Nd ratios are also expressed in ?-notations normalized to CHUR values of, 2008.

, Ce CHUR -1)×10,000)

, Input parameters used to calculate the mixing curves presented in Figures 7, 8 and 1264 9, vol.3, p.1265

S. Salters, , 2004.

. Martindale, The concentrations of the two enriched end-members are those of the average sediments 1267 multiplied by the enrichment factors defined from experimental studies (Johnson and Plank 1268 (1999) for biosiliceous sediments, 2013.

, The ? Ce and ? Nd of each end-member are those measured in the samples. The ? Ce and ? Nd of 1270 the depleted end-member are from D68-2-1 Mariana Trough Basalt, Ce/Ce* corresponds to 1271 logarithmic calculations between La and Pr

, a The enrichment factor is the ratio of element concentration in fluids over element 1273 concentration in the solid starting bulk: C fluid /C starting bulk